We have an unconstrained view of what motion graphics can mean. The same goes for the entirety of video production and post-production.

Communication should fly around the globe.


We master classic handcrafted animation and can realize it in the digital world. Cartoons and 2D animations are immortal. They are unique and colorful, and that’s we create every script and copywriter. 

Communication can come in many colors what matters is its intensity. 


We select speakers and provide different language versions for video and motion graphics. We know that a native copywriter is essential and a must.

Communication should have its own voice and that voice should resonate. 

Each and every feather counts and each feather has its cost.

We know that, that is why we will make the right decision together through mutual discussion. That is why it is important to be open about what the expectations are and what the reality is. 

We’ll work and you’ll pay.
Don’t worry, we won’t pluck out all of your money. Through agreements, we will settle all and you and your brand can just fly free.

    You don’t waste time, and we’re giddy with joy that you want to know how to get straight to motion graphics and videos.

    Write us your specific, dream, exaggerated, simply idea of what you need. We’ll give it a realistic outline because that’s what we do and what we know. We’ll have a call or a meeting and then, to save precious moments,  we’ll present a specific script and how we see it, and we will make it happen.

    Shall we put a wing on it and drop a feather from the budget?

      Who has already managed to fly with us, show uniqueness and use their voice:


      Iveta Stehlíková, already has, according to her surname, a good goldfinch beak for fine art and audiovisual creation. She is an exhibiting active artist and has years of experience working for clients in the field of motion videos and animation, production, and post-production. Also has her own website:


      Katarína Morsztynová takes communication, marketing, and sales under her wing. Always and everywhere. She has no problem with not having her own website, she has the experience and that is definitely enough. She is creative on demand and on hold. Her last name is so easy to pronounce that she prefers to be called by her first name.